Check back to this page often.  This is a new page and we will be listing the different opportunities that the District is notified about.  If you have something you would like listed here, please email prmdistrict19@gmail.com and let us know that it is an item for the Opportunities page.

Many projects can be used for High Performance Leadership opportunities.

  • If you are interested in helping with a current District 19 Department of Corrections facility club, helping start a new one, or would just be interested in more information, please contact Don Wadleigh, District 19 Prison Club Committee Chair,  at any of the following: P.O. Box 425, Oquawka IL 61469, donaldwadleigh@yahoo.com630-728-3545.
  • Brenda Peshak, District Club Growth Director,  is looking for a Club Mentor/Club Sponsor Chair – email her at brendatm@peshak.net
  • Yvette Clapp, District Public Relations Manager, is looking for individuals to provide content for officer role specific newsletters that will go out every couple months – email her at prmdistrict19@gmail.com.
  • District 19 Demo Meeting Chair, Mary Schulte, is looking for help with demo meetings that are being planned in August.  There are three meetings that you can choose from.  Locations are West Des Moines and Waterloo.  Contact Mary at Mary at mary.schulte@pearson.com or 319-339-6419.
  • Sunrise Marion Toastmasters club is looking for members to assist with an upcoming Speechcraft program.  Additionally, Division B is looking for a person that could chair the Division B Speechcraft to generate more Speechcraft opportunities and help coordinate those that are starting. Please email Yvette Clapp at yvette.clapp.tm@gmail.com if you are interested.