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District 19 Business Meeting Program, Agenda, Nominations Committee Report, and Proxy

District 19 Annual Meeting Toastmasters International

There will be a meeting of the District Council of District 19 Toastmasters International on April 29, 2017 at the Best Western Regency Inn, 3303 S Center St, Marshalltown, IA 50158, at 10:45 A.M.  This is a  Business Meeting of the District Council for the 2016-2017 Toastmasters year.  All members of the District Council are requested to attend.  The members of the District Council are: the District Director, the Program Quality Director, the Club Growth Director, the Public Relations Manager, the District Administration Manager, the District Finance Manager, the Division Directors, the Area Directors, the Immediate Past District Director, and the President and Vice President of Education from each member club in the District (or their proxies).

District 19 Council Business Meeting Program and Agenda
29th April 2017, Marshalltown, Iowa
  1. Call to Order
  2. Inspirational Message
  3. Reading of the Mission of the District
  4. Meeting Appointments
  5. Credentials Report
  6. Adoption of Meeting Rules
  7. Adoption of the Agenda
  8. Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting at the Fall 2016 Conference
  9. District Executive Committee – District Realignment report
  10. Nominating Committee Report
  11. Officer Elections
  12. Senior Officer Reports:
    • District Director Report
    • Program Quality Director Report
    • Club Growth Director Report
    • Public Relations Manager Report
    • Finance Manager Report
    • Division Director’s Reports:
      • Division A Director Report
      • Division B Director Report
      • Division C Director Report
      • Division D Director Report
      • Division E Director Report
  13. Committee Reports
    • Audit Committee
    • Past District Director’s Report
    • Fall Conference Committee
  14. New Business
  15. Announcements


 District 19 Proxy Certificate

I, _________________________________________________________ do hereby
(Print name of Club President or Vice President of Education)

give my proxy for ____________________________________Club#__________________
                  (Club Name)

(Print name of the member of the club)

to vote at the District 19, Spring Conference, Annual Meeting on Sat., April 29, 2017 at the Best Western Regency Inn, 3303 S Center St, Marshalltown, IA 50158.

Signature: _____________________________________ Date ___________________________
(President or Vice President of Education)


This Proxy certificate must be submitted to the Credentials’ Desk to obtain ballot.

FACTS: At the District Council meeting, each club President and Vice President of Education in attendance is entitled to one vote. However, if either or both officers cannot attend, they may designate, in writing, any other active member of their club to act as proxy or proxies for their club. (Use the form above).

In the event one of these officers does not attend the meeting and has not designated in writing an active member of the club to act as his or her proxy, the officer or proxy holder in attendance is deemed to hold the proxy of the other, and may therefore cast two votes at the meeting. This assures that every club is represented by two votes.

In addition, each district officer in attendance, including Area Directors, is entitled to one vote, but CAN carry a maximum of three votes.  Because they are District Executive Committee (DEC) members, they carry their own vote plus up to two more, if they are President or Vice President of Education of their club OR carry the proxy certificates from their club(s) for these officers. Other members are limited to a maximum of two votes each.