Cap Sias

The Carleton “Cap” Sias Toastmaster Achievement Award is District 19’s most coveted, prestigious and respected award. The Cap Sias Award is to acknowledge and honor membership excellence, acknowledge and honor an exemplary District member who displays similar commitment, dedication and effort for Toastmasters’ program and fellow members, and has made significant, praiseworthy contributions toward achieving the goals and mission of the club, and District, as did “Cap” Sias and, to acknowledge Toastmaster International policy of promoting awards to recognize achievement that stimulates improved performance of districts, clubs, and individual members. (The DC approved splitting the Cap Sias and Toastmaster of the Year Award into two awards effective July 1, 2011.)

The Guidelines and the Application do not state there are limitations on who can nominate members. This would mean a member can nominate him/herself for the award.  Cap Sias is achievement over the life span the Toastmaster Member has been a member but according to the Guidelines, the member has to be in good standing at least 3 years prior to receiving the award.

There are 3 things you need to consider for the nomination eligibility:
  1. A District Governor, International Director or International President is eligible for this award three years after leaving office.
  2. A Carleton “Cap” Sias Toastmaster Achievement Award recipient is not eligible to receive this award a second time
  3. Candidates must meet the following criteria to be eligible:
  • Was in good standing with Toastmasters International for no less than three consecutive years prior to receiving the award.

2015-2016 – Gil Norris

2014-2015 – Joan Johanson, Martha Tinker

2012-2013 No Recipients

2011-2012 No Recipients