Did You Get ART for the Holidays?


Did You Get ART for the Holidays?

As we wrap up the holidays, it’s always nice to reflect on the many gifts we have received over the past years and look forward to new beginnings. 

One gift that you won’t find under the tree is giving yourself the gift better speaking and leadership by working the Toastmasters program. Fortunately, the District also has a structured program to help you give to both yourself and others. It is known by the acronym of ART.

ART stands for Achieve, Reach, and Teach. That is, to become a true work of ART, you need to do three things:

  1. Achieve an educational award such as a Competent Communicator, Advanced Leader Bronze, or High Performance Leadership (HPL) project
  2. Reach one new person and help them as a member. These can’t be dual members or reinstated members.
  3. Teach a single module from the Success/Communication, Success/Leadership, the Successful Club Series, or the Better Speaker Series.

Once you complete each of these, complete the attached form with the help of your club Vice President of Education and Vice President of Membership, and send it to the District Program Quality Director at mark.latta.d19@gmail.com, you will automatically receive a gift from the District. Already completed an ART project? Subsequent ART awards after the first one receive a different gift! Like Toastmasters, ART is the gift that keeps getting better the more that you use it.

So, even if you didn’t get that Beats 2 headset you had been hinting about to your family for the past few months, you can still receive ART. Achieve an award, reach one person, and teach your club members something new; and the District Santa will put a little something under your tree.

Pretty soon, the new saying will be “There’s nothing like ART for the holidays.”

 Mark Latta
District 19 – Program Quality Director
Toastmasters International