District Council Approves New Alignment for 2017-2018

District Council Approves New Alignment for 2017-2018

Every year, Districts are required to review their Club, Area and Division alignment.  This year’s alignment committee spent many hours reviewing the current state of the district, and discussed the pros and cons of various three, four and five division alignment scenarios.  The committee’s consensus was that a move from five to four divisions was necessary.

The committee’s proposal was discussed at length by the District Executive Committee (DEC) on March 18th before the DEC approved the proposal with minor changes.

On April 29th, the District Council (DC) approved the District alignment proposal that was previously approved by the DEC.  The new alignment will become effective July 1st, 2017.  The realignment options below were approved by the DC. To view the breakdown, click on each option.

  • Option 1 will be submitted to World Headquarters if no new clubs are chartered before June 15th.
  • Option 2 will be submitted to World Headquarters if new clubs charter before June 15th, rebalanced to make sure no area has more than the limit of six clubs.

Please note that as part of the alignment, all Divisions and Areas will have new names effective July 1st, 2017, reflecting the way the significant changes adopted this year will be an exciting new beginning.

Questions about the alignment that will become effective on July 1st, 2017 can be directed to Jeanne Heil, Alignment Committee Chair, at Jeanne.Heil.TM@gmail.com.