There are currently FIVE incentive programs now being offered by District 19. You can always find this information under the “Club Support” navigation on the main web site, but let’s do a quick review of the opportunities you have to get something from the District:
1.       Capture Your Success! – Each club has been given a target number based in its base membership number. If you can increase your membership by that number in just one calendar month (the smaller the club the lower the number), the notify Lt. Gov. of Marketing Paul Wood to have your club is entered into a drawing for a  $50 gift certificate for the Toastmasters online catalog. Also, each club meeting or exceeding its number for any one month through October will be automatically entered into a drawing for a digital video camera.
2.       New Club Ideas – If you have an idea for a new club and submit it to Lt. Gov. of Marketing Paul Wood, and Paul can then make it happen, you can win up to a $50 Toastmasters gift certificate.
3.       Keeping It Fresh – There are 83 Toastmasters in Iowa still carrying an older designation (such as an ATM or CTM). If you’re one of them, and you replace it with a new award, you will be honored with a plaque at the District Conference next spring.
4.       Triple Crown – If you earn three educational awards during this current Toastmasters Year (any combination from the speaking and leadership tracks), you will receive a Triple Crown Award plaque at the Spring District Conference.
5.       Automatic Manual – If you complete an advanced communication award (ACB, ACS or ACG), District 19 will purchase a new manual of your choice for you and have it sent directly to your home.
These are all great programs designed to encourage District 19 members to keep growing their skills and experience by participating in the Toastmasters Program.  If you have any questions, Simply click on the bit red “Contact Us” button above and send us a note.